Happy pre-qualified client
Business Financing Pre-Qualification

Your private label has a business finance prequalification system that shows your business clients exactly which business finance programs they pre-qualify for now, where they are short on other funding programs, and what they must do to pre-qualify for more programs and larger amounts.

20 Business Financing Programs

The private label system describes 20 unique funding programs and gives guidelines for each. Your business clients are shown what it takes to pre-qualify for each program and how to maximize the funding amount.

Access funding programs
Direct lenders
Access To Direct Lenders

A unique aspect of your private label is the database of over 200 direct lenders, 10 direct lenders for each funding program with 20 business credit card programs. This allows you to cut out the middlemen and know that you are talking to the direct lender on each of your deals.

Maximizing Your Commissions

Our competitors process your loan transactions and pay you a small fraction of what your client is charged. With our private label, you can send your own deals to direct lenders and maximize your earnings on each of your closings. If you do not want to place your own deals, you have the option to use a clearing house to place your deals for a fee.

Earn the most on every funding deal