A One-Time Setup fee of $3,997

Your Private Label System Includes

  • The ability to run unlimited pre-qualification success scans for excellent lead generation.
  • Set up unlimited affiliates, referral partners and staff members with no additional fees.
  • Extensive support for your propsect initial calls, funding calls and system coaching calls.
  • Automated applications, document collection, direct lender placement and funding.
  • Marketing assistance to help you develop a highly productive referral partner base.
  • Earn revenue from the support vendor sevices, such as; phones, websites, entities, etc.
  • All done under your banner allowing you to quickly and easily scale your business.

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Your Setup Is A One-Time Build & Fee. Now You Need A Subscription

The Subscription

  • $299 a month private label subscription (paid annually).
  • First 30 days of hands-on account start-up assistance.
  • Return on your investment is as little as a single client.
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1st Year Features

  • Discounted to $2,397 1st year, saves a total of $1,190 .
  • Includes 5 pre-paid client license credits, saves $750.
  • The setup of $3,997 plus the $2,397 are due at signing.
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Setup is paid by e-check only, subscription can be paid by credit card
Next, You Use License Credits To Unlock Client Accounts

How License Credits Work

  • When a prospect runs a scan they receive a limited access license to your private label system.
  • You then will charge your clients $,$$$ to have full access to your private label success system.
  • You will use a license credit to unlock their account which grants them full system access.
  • License credits are $150 each purchased 1 at a time, $125 each for 5 and $100 each for 10.
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Let's Review The 3 Goals That Earn You Money

Goal 1

Your client runs a pre-qualification scan
They pre-qualify for funding programs
They apply and receive initial funding
The system does all the work for you
You earn $,$$$ for the initial funding

Goal 2

Your client elects to become bankable
Professional coaches do all your work
Clients are bankable in 4 to 6 months
Clients are extremely pleased with you
You earn $,$$$ for a bankable client

Goal 3

Your client applies for bankable funding
They receive much larger business loans
Their rates are lower, terms are longer
The system does all the work for you
You earn $,$$$ for the bankable funding

Does Ownerspath Have Any Competition? Not Really!


  • We are the only true white label platform in niche
  • Our focus is software development & data research
  • Low one-time private label setup with 1 client ROI
  • No direct consumer side, we're not your competition
  • You can earn 100% of your service vendor revenue
  • No additional fees for adding affiliates or agents
  • Professional teams all working under your banner
  • Your clients never know we exist, it is all about you
  • Your prospect and client data remains with you
  • 3 Goal plan to earn you up to $10,000 per client
  • Not on your best keywords, we are harder to find
  • Run thousands of free pre-qual scans for lead gen

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  • Their brand will always be shown to your clients
  • They used our research and data as their base
  • $7,000 to $25,000 very high initial setup costs
  • Market directly to consumers, competing with you
  • They collect and keep all your vendor revenue
  • Charge you hundreds to add affiliates & agents
  • Their assistance discloses to clients who they are
  • Not a white label, their brand is shown to clients
  • They will sell your client data to other companies
  • Earning even $3,000 per client with them is hard
  • They market aggressively on consumer searches
  • Do not have a pre-qual scan, so no lead gen help

Google Them And See

The Return On Your Investment Can Be Amazing

ROI #1

I funded my first client for $60,000
Using the credit card funding estimator
I made $2,100 from their initial funding
Then I made $3,200 from the coaching
The system did most of the work for me
KT - Irving, TX

ROI #2

In my first year I closed 147 paid clients
My professional coaching fee is $3,997
Clients are pleased with their progress
With the system I can scale my business
Around 90% of the work is done for me
WR - Henderson, NV

ROI #3

My focus has been on referral partners
I have 70+ partners sending me scans
Their pre-qualification rate is very high
The system allows unlimited partners
Resources for recruiting are right here
TD - Raleigh, NC