Step 1 - Your Private Label Build & Setup

$1,997 One-Time Fee Non-Recurring

  • Your private label build process is normally completed within two (2) business days
  • Includes unlimited training sessions and support with never any additional charges
  • Includes comprehensive management tools & one full access system demo license
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Step 2 - Select Your Subscription Plan

  • $150 per month by echeck each 15th
  • Run unlimited business success scans
  • Add unlimited referral agents and staff
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  • Annual subscription of $1,200 per year (Saves $600 33%)
  • Get a 10% discount off the one-time setup fee (Saves $200)
  • Includes 5 additional activated client licenses (Saves $750)
Save $1,550 By Going Annual
Step 3 - Purchase Your Client Licenses
Free Licenses

  • Included with each success scan
  • Excellent lead generation tool
  • Limited success system access
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Full Access Licenses

  • $150/license (one-time not monthly)
  • Gives your clients full system access
  • Collect from clients before being billed
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Bulk Licences

  • 10 at a time $1,250 (saves $250)
  • 20 at a time $2,000 (saves $1,000)
  • Your license credits never expire
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Step 4 - Choose To Do It All Yourself Or Get Professional Help

Coaching Live Help

  • Connect you with 3rd party coaching services
  • One full year of live coaching for your clients
  • Clients coached under your specific brand
  • Spend your valuable time closing more clients
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Funding Clearinghouses

  • Connect you with 3rd party funding services
  • Get professional help to fund your clients
  • Help your clients get funded the most possible
  • Earn 30% to 50% of the successful funding fees
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Step 5 - Check Out Our Competition Before You Go With Us


  • We are the only true white label platform in niche
  • Our focus is software development & data research
  • Have by far the lowest private label setup costs
  • $150 per full access license, you earn much more
  • No direct consumer side, are not your competition
  • You earn 100% of your service vendor revenue
  • No additional fees for adding affiliates or agents
  • You control where your client loans are placed
  • 100% funding commissions paid directly to you
  • You get data on over 200 hundred direct lenders
  • Your clients never know we exist, it is all about you
  • Your prospect & client data remains with you
  • Get a step-by-step plan to earn $15,000+ per client
  • Not on your best keywords, we are harder to find
  • Run thousands of free success scans for lead gen

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  • Their brand will always be shown to your clients
  • They use our research and data as their base
  • $7,000 to $30,000 very high initial setup costs
  • High $750 to $3000 per client license costs
  • Market directly to consumers, competing with you
  • They collect and keep all your vendor revenue
  • Charge you hundreds to add affiliates & agents
  • They control all your client's loan placements
  • Commissions paid to them, only small % to you
  • They do not share direct lender data with you
  • Not a white label, their brand is in your client's face
  • They will sell your client data to other companies
  • Earning even $3,000 per client with them is hard
  • All over your keywords, taking prospects from you
  • Do not have a success scan, so no lead gen help

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