Credit educational tool
Complete Credit Education

Your private label is an extensive credit educational tool for both business and personal credit. Your staff and clients will come away understanding the makeup of the business credit scores and the personal credit FICO scoring model. Your system then helps your clients optimize both.

Personal & Business Optimization

It is vital that your business owner clients understand that having excellent access to financing requires that they optimize both their personal credit and their business credit. Your private label does an excellent job of teaching your clients to optimize both their personal and business credit scores.

Personal and business credit optimization
Business man looking at reporting tradelines
Over 200 Starter Credit Vendors

To build strong business credit scores your clients need to have 12 to 15 total reporting business credit tradelines. Your private label provides your clients with over 200 reporting credit providers that are available to almost all businesses and categorized by their areas of services or products.

More Than 3,000 Vendor Credit Lines

Once your clients have utilized the 200+ reporting credit providers inside your private label system to establish and build their business credit scores, your system then gives them access to a database of over 3,000 credit providing vendors for almost every product and service imaginable.

3000 vendor database