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The 20 Items Of Lender Compliance

Lender compliance are twenty items that are used by credit providers for a quick determination if your clients are a high risk of default. Your private label will scan the businesses of your clients and return the results of each item. Then your private label will show your clients how to address each item.

Step-By-Step Client Guidance

Your private label system is designed in a step-by-step manner so that your business clients complete steps in order. It is very user friendly for your clients who if they follow the instructions will end up building strong business credit scores and having access to a spectrum of funding programs.

Step by step instructions
Woman receives success system notification
System Verification Of Completion

In the back office of your private label your clients will receive email communications when they complete steps and sections of the system. They will also be prompted at scheduled intervals to log back in and make progress towards completing the system and reaching their goals.

Making Client Coaching Very Easy

Your private label is designed to help you maximize your revenue. One way we do that is to train your staff to provide live professional coaching. This keeps your clients close to you and helps members of your staff to quickly become business finance and business credit building experts.

Relaxed private label owner
Beware The Myths - Myth #1
Beware The Myths - Myth #1

We've all seen it! "Build a business credit score of 80 or higher and get financing without a personal guarantee". Does that really exist? If what your clients are after is CASH, then NO it does not exist. Is there business to business financing for products and services available under these terms? YES there are. Our white label success system makes sure your clients know the difference.

Beware The Myths - Myth #2

More internet nonsense! "In just 90 days we can get you $250,000 even if you have a 480 personal credit score, no revenue, no assets, and no time in business". What they really mean to say is, "In Just 90 days we can part you from your money". Our white label is a real system that DOES NOT support the selling of myths. It DOES support helping your clients to know exactly what it takes to become bankable and getting them there as quickly as possible.

Beware The Myths - Myth #2