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Complete True White Label
#1 - True White Label

What is a "True White Label" ? It means that our brand does not appear in your system. It is not on any videos, not in the content, not in any e-books, not in the marketing materials, not to your staff and certainly not to your clients. If you are choosing a white label, make sure it is a true white label.

#2 - Run Thousands of Success Scans

Our white label has a "Business Success Pre-Qualification Scan" that scans 150 data points on the businesses you put through it. You could run 10,000 success scans with no extra costs. What would having 150 data points on 10,000 businesses do for your revenue? What a lead generation tool!

Run Thousands of Success Scans

We Do Not Compete With You
#3 - We Do Not Compete With You

Some white label providers have a direct to consumer side making them your direct competition. Your potential clients will find them on the top of the search engines for your keywords. We have no direct to consumer business side and we do not advertise on your consumer focused keywords.

#4 - Make Vastly More Money

With our white label you have a pre-qualification scan, a contact call team, loan processors, funding advisors, an automated document collection system, a direct lender offer portal, and a professional coaching team. This allows you to easily scale, do less work, and earn much more revenue.

Make Vastly More Money

Service Vendor Revenue Goes To You
#5 - Service Vendor Revenue To You

In our system the service vendor revenue can come directly to you. When your clients need websites, phones, SEO services, merchant accounts, entities formed, accounting, business plans and other vital becoming bankable services it will be your affiliate or reseller links they are using.

#6 - Maximize Your Funding Revenue

Having the entire funding process done for you means you can use your time most effectively to generate more prospects. Chasing prospects around for the documents, making hundreds of calls, answering endless emails all take away from your more profitable lead generation work.

Most Transparent Platform

Enroll Unlimited Affiliates And Agents
#7 - Enroll Unlimited Affiliates & Agents

With our white label system you can add an unlimited number of staff, agents, processors, affiliates, and referral partners without any additional charges. Imagine having 100 referral partners who are generating completed success scans for you where you only payout for success.

#8 - 20+ Funding Programs With Direct Lenders

First, you have to know what funding programs your clients pre-qualify for. Your white label pre-qualifies for both pre-bankable and bankable funding programs. Then, you have to know what lenders to take your clients to. Our white label provides direct lenders for each program.

20 Funding Programs With 200 Plus Direct Lenders

Customizable Private Label Site
#9 - Customizable Private Label Site

Your white label comes with a ready to use website that you can customize it's panels, colors, logo, and social media links. You can customize the vendors you want supplying services such as websites, phones, virtual offices, entities, merchant processing, accounting and more.

#10 - Over 3,000 Credit Extending Vendors

Our system provides a database of over 3,000 credit extending vendors for most products and services. Once your clients become bankable they can then conserve their valuable cash flow by utilizing large account business to business net 30 day terms for the items they need.

Over 3000 Credit Extending Vendors

Comprehensive System Training
#11 - Comprehensive System Training

Our white label includes training materials such as videos, e-books, and the virtual coaches to help you learn every facet of business financing, business credit and becoming bankable. The goal is to make you the professional so that you are the expert who markets it the best.

#12 - API Platform Integration

Your white label system has an API Key Generator allowing it to connect to most CRM, Phone Dialer, Email Marketing Platform, Scheduler, and other apps. For a few of the better used applications there are direct connection APIs already built in our team can connect to others.

CRM And Marketing Platform Integration

Promotional Videos And Materials
#13 - Promotional Videos And Materials

When you are looking for a white label platform you want promotional material that has only your brand associated with it. With our white label you are provided un-branded videos, e-books, email marketing templates, landing pages and more. We help you push your brand.

#14 - Productive Marketing Programs

Our white label includes a spectrum of marketing programs along with third party providers to help you to execute those programs. Each program is detailed for you so that you are ready to take advantage of them on day one and so that generating revenue comes quickly.

Productive Marketing Programs

Access To 240+ Credit Cards
#15 - Over 240 Credit Cards

The "UBF" program, also known as Unsecured Business Funding, is what finance brokers call acquiring credit cards for their clients. With your white label, you receive a UBF "Funding Estimator" that is automated for the placement requirements of over 240 credit cards.

#16 - UBF Funding Estimator

Knowing which clients can be funded using credit cards is critical. Our white label will analyze your client's personal credit reports with fico scores and return a credit card funding estimate along with contingencies that need to be addressed before your client applies.

UBF Funding Estimator

Professional Coaching
#17 - Professional Coaching

Our white label provides extensive third party professional live coaches that will serve your clients for a full year, do so under your banner, and at a very low cost. This frees up your time to focus referral partners and on acquiring more completed success scans.

#18 - Productive Client Closing Tools

Each Success Scan provides 150 data points on that business. This lets you know the status of their lender compliance, funding pre-qualifications, business credit, the owner's credit, their web rating score, NAP validation, and SDE. Making it much easier to close.

Productive Client Closing Tools

Full Business Success System
#19 - Full Business Success System

Business lenders are expanding what their underwriting algorithms look at for approvals. Lender compliance, bank rating, comparable credit, web rating score, NAP validation, business fico score, business financials, SDE and other factors are considered. Your private label covers those items.

#20 - By Far The Most Cost Effective

Our white label is a turnkey system from pre-qualification, to application, to document collection, to direct lender offers, to initial funding, to becoming bankable, and to bankable funding. We know of no other system that provides all this in one place and does so at an extremely low entry cost.

By Far The Most Cost Effective

Many User Access Roles
#21 - Many User Access Roles

The system gives you a number of user role options for how you allow others to access it. You can create access for as many Affiliates, Referral Partners and Staff without any additional costs. Each will receive their own admin area login, success scan page and have their prospects tracked.

#22 - Follow Up Done For You

A major part or closing your prospects is the ability to follow-up. Your white label includes an email drip marketing system that reaches out to each completed success scan prospect over a period of 40 days. They receive a series of 20 targeted emails each covering a specific topic.

Follow Up Done For You

Very User Friendly System
#23 - Very User Friendly System

Our business success system is a extremely user friendly step-by-step process with each step having a single focus and task. Each step includes a virtual coach video instructing your clients what to do, why they are doing it and how to complete each task making progress easy.

#24 - Virtual Coach On Every Step

Our white label system includes more than 90 virtual coaching videos that are anywhere for 30 seconds to two minutes in length. These virtual coaching videos are specific to the step and describe how to complete tasks for that step. This makes steps easy for clients to complete.

Virtual Coach On Every Step

Affiliate Vendor Data Provided
#25 - Service Vendor Data Provided

The vendor service revenue is easy to setup inside your white label admin area. You can self manage and select the vendors you want for each service. If your business provides that service, you can list your business. A database of 10 vendors for each service is provided.