Business Success Software
Your Complete White Label For:

150 Data Point Pre-Qualification Scan
Step-By-Step Become Bankable System
Building Comparable Business Credit
Credit Coaches & Funding Advisors
Loan Packaging, Processing & Funding

Goal 1 - Help clients receive an initial level of funding & you get paid
Goal 2 - Guide clients step-by-step to becoming bankable & you get paid
Goal 3 - Bankable clients access more funding on better terms & you get paid

Our white label software helps you monetize each step of your clients business success
From a pre-qualification scan, to becoming bankable system, to loan packaging and funding

Private Label business finance
Funding Program Success

Assist clients to pre-qualify. Fundings can earn you $10,000 or more. You get over 200 direct lender connections.

Private Label credit coaching system
Business Credit Building

Give your clients the resources to build strong business credit scores, become bankable, earning you $$$.

Private label vendor earnings
Rocket Your Earnings

You produce revenue from; service vendors, success coaching, credit providers, client fundings, and more.

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Make Money On Every Facet Of Your Business Success White Label

Your white label business success software system helps you provide

Access Funding

Your pre-qualification scan matches 21 funding programs to your clients and earns you big $$$.

Lender Compliance

20 items business owners must complete to not be seen as high risk of default. Each earning you $$$.

Building Credit

Owners do not know how to build credit or how to become bankable so they pay $$$ for coaching.

Reporting Agencies

There are 4 business credit reporting agencies that your clients will pay you $$$ to help them optimize.

NAP & Web Rating

Lenders now use Web Rating and NAP as risk of default indicators. You earn $$$ optimizing them.

Become Bankable

Your clients can access larger loans, at lower rates and for longer terms. You earn $$$ reaching that goal.

Earn More Revenue, Do Less Work

The system will pre-qualify prospects for twenty different funding programs.
You will have direct lenders funding your deals paying you commissions.
The system will let your clients know where they stand for business credit.
You will have vendors that fulfill compliance items earning you revenue.
All you need to do is drive prospects to your pre-qual scan to earn money!
OwnersPath Possible Earnings

How You Setup And How You Make Money.

Your ROI on a single client can be $10,000 or more

White Label Setup

A one time setup fee of only $1,997. Your ROI can be from one client. Competitors charge $7,000 to $25,000.

Client Licenses

Unlocked client licenses can be only $100 each. Then set your pricing and collect $$$ directly from your clients.

Your Subscription

Monthly or annual subscription is your key to unlimited success scans, adding agents and more. See Pricing Details.

Vendor Revenue

Receive Lender Compliance vendor reseller connections so that vendor revenue comes directly to you.

Lender Revenue

Access to 200 direct lenders. 10 each for the 20 funding programs plus approval data on 200+ credit cards.

Maximize Marketing

10 unique marketing programs, 15 landing pages, 30+ videos, 5 ebooks, all to help you drive success scans.