Why Your Accounting Firm Should Partner With Us

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Why Accountants Should Partner With Us
According to two CPA client studies (Sleeter & Bloomberg)
  • 76% of clients want their CPA firm to be more proactive in helping them plan and succeed.
  • 72% of clients are either unhappy or are considering leaving their current accounting firm.
Top Three Reasons Clients Leave Their CPA
  1. Service versus perceived value - "It costs too much" might be the most common stated reason, but it is usually a symptom and not the reason. Clients leave because they see little connection between the invoices they get and the services they think they are getting to help them grow. They see their CPA as a bottom line expense rather than a success increasing asset.
  2. Lack of initiating personal contact - CPAs tend to just mail or email clients with very little personal contact. If you are like most then your clients might be saying, “I only hear from my CPA once or twice a year.” Without having many touch points throughout the year your clients may go with whoever actually calls and shows a personal interest in them.
  3. No personal interest their specific business - Clients often leave due to a perception that their CPA firm hasn't taken the time to have a personal interest in their specific business. Their business is very personal to them and a key part of their life, therefore they want personal service and interest in their success.

Retention and Service Are Directly Related

The cost of finding and closing new clients can be very high, five to ten times the expense of servicing an existing client. Clients who feel served and appreciated are the best source of quality referrals. A referral from an existing client has more than a 90% retention rate. Retention comes from service and service comes from addressing the three main reasons that clients leave.

Why Your Accounting Firm Should Partner With Us:

  • Because of what we have built - OwnersPath has developed a business success scan and system to help small business owners succeed by optimizing both their financial and digital marketing positions.
  • Because of what you know - As an accounting firm you are well aware that your client’s success can be directly tied to their access to capital and their ability to generate customers. Via the success scan and system you will be helping them with both.
  • Because your clients need help - You see it every day, that while your clients may be great at their specific niche, they are typically not ready to seek capital and they have not optimized their digital marketing. The problem is that in most cases they do not have the time and they do not know where to start.
  • Because of your mission statement - Most likely you are letting your clients know something like “Your success is our success”. We only succeed when you do, or our goal is your success. We will run a free success scan on your business clients and prospects so that they know exactly where they stand now and how to optimize both their financial and digital marketing positions so that you truly are giving them a better chance of success.
  • Because you want to grow and retain - You can use the scan as a competitive marketing edge by simply having us run a free success scan on your prospects. The success scan will impress your clients and prospects alike and is an excellent client retention tool.

What We Do:

  • First, we run a free success scan on their business. The scan shows their current financial and digital marketing positions and identifies the key business success elements they need to fix, complete, and optimize.
  • Second, we provide business owners with a free comprehensive DIY system that shows them how to correct, complete, and optimize all 12 key success elements identified by their scan. The system has step-by-step instruction with a virtual coach on each page telling them what to do, why, and how to do it.
  • Third, we offer them a C & O Service where our team will complete and optimize all aspects of their financial and digital marketing positions which maximizes their access to capital and exposure to new customers.
  • Fourth, the system contains data on over 4,000 business lenders and more than 3,000 vendor credit providers which your clients can access to source the best ones for their specific needs and qualifications.     

What It Does For Your Firm:

  • A Larger Competitive Edge, provides a leg up on your competition by being able to give your prospects a detailed scan of their business’s current financial and digital marketing positions along with a system to complete & optimize both.
  • Greater Client Rapport, the scan and software are branded to your firm you have another rapport building communication channel that will provide your clients with progress reports and updates to their critical success elements.
  • More Client Success, you are all about your client’s success and it is a major part of what you do. By adding the success scan and system to your tool box you now can provide even more resources to further your client’s success.
  • Better Client Retention, clients churn out for many reasons with as many as 50% doing so every 5 years. By helping your clients optimize their financial and digital marketing positions more of them may succeed and remain clients.
  • Additional Recurring Revenue, if your clients elect to go with our Completion & Optimization Service we share 20% of the revenue collected with you.

A Little More About Us:

  • Business Data, we are a data collection and validation firm that aggregates data from a huge amount of sources to collect information on 22 million USA based companies with; legal name, website, industry niche, address, phone, owner name, revenue, employees, credit status, web status, and more. We are not a lead sales firm, but we will share data with our accounting partners.
  • Finance Data, we have collected data on over 4,000 business lenders and their various lending programs along with their approval criteria. We have also collected data on more than 3,000 B2B vendors offering lines of credit for every product and service imaginable. We are not a finance broker, but we do let the businesses who run a free success scan match themselves and their qualifications to those 7,000+ sources of funding.

We Make Getting Referrals Very Easy:

  • Prospects, turn one prospect into four. Every time we run a success scan we know that your prospects like seeing their results. They are impressed with what they just learned to further their success. It is the perfect time to for us to ask for two, three, or four referrals that will lead directly back to you for your accounting services.
  • Clients, you know that your strongest referrals come from your existing clients. Providing the business success scan makes it easy for us to ask for referrals to their friends, family members, or business associates who would also be impressed with their business success scan results and again creating more referrals for your accounting services.