How Our Targeted Prospects Help You Close New Clients

What we can do for you:

  • Target your best prospects and clients - Use demographic filtering to build your database of highly targeted prospects. Those records are then washed, validated, and success scanned before delivery to you.
  • Identify prospects that need your help - For your specific service be it accounting, web marketing, business finance, business coaching, business brokerage or other services where helping your clients succeed is the major motivation, you can have advance knowledge that those prospects have a direct need for your services.
  • Provide your own success scan site - We create a private label success scan site where you can have your prospects or existing clients login to access their success scans. The site is pre-loaded with your targeted prospects each month and can also be used to run success scans on any prospect or client you touch. .
How do we collect our data?
  • We aggregate data from many sources and then compile it. Some of the sources we collect from are;
  • Secretaries of state, county recorders, USPS, FCC, National 411, business credit agencies, Google, BBB, UCC-1, and others.
  • Our access to data currently includes 22 million US based businesses with just over 60 million emails associated with those.
How is our data auto-washed and validated?
  1. Records are washed against the USPS address database, FCC phone database, and their URLs are checked to be active.
  2. Those passing the auto-wash are validated for their email deliver-ability and that a website exists on their domain URL.

What does the success scan do?

  • The success scan digs deeper into the financial and digital positions of each demographically targeted business.
  • For financial it returns data on their lender compliance, business credit, number of reporting trade lines, and more.
  • For digital it returns data on their web optimization, SEO, social media, local directories, star ratings, and map placements.
  • The data collected from the success scans is then appended to the prior auto-washed validated business data.

We make getting referrals very easy:

  • Prospects - Turn one prospect into three or four. Every time we run a success scan we know that your prospects like seeing their results. They are impressed with what they just learned to further their success. It is the perfect time to ask for two, three, or four referrals that will lead directly back to you for your services for many more new clients.
  • Clients - You know that your strongest referrals come from your existing clients. Providing the business success scan to each existing client makes it easy to ask them for referrals to their friends, family members, or business associates who will also be impressed with their own business success scan results and again creating more referrals for your services.

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