Our Team

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Corey Pierce

Founder, Systems Architecture
Hard to believe that it has been over 20 years since Corey designed the first version of what was then our "Business Capital Search Engine". Now Corey is still the architect of what key elements our business success assessment scans for and how our system helps business owners to complete and optimize those same elements. Because of his engineering background, Corey has never thought of himself as a "CEO" type and leans more to the day to day software designing and implementing that he has always had a passion for.  

Eric Clancey

Business Development & Relations
Eric is always looking for ways OwnersPath can deliver more value to its clients, partners, and shareholders. Part of Eric's tasks are to formulate the vision of the company, its strategies, and their successful implementation. Eric manages and cultivates highly collaborative relationships between the company and its core operational partners. He works to deliver to our business partners and small business clients cutting edge Business Success software, the best in class technology and service solutions, and strives to make Fundability easy to do business with.

Trent Lee

Concierges & Completion Specialists
Trent has helped 1000’s of business owners to complete lender compliance, build business credit and obtain business financing. Trent's background in business lending and compliance consulting coupled with his call center operations experience and has enabled him to run teams of over 90 employees. Trent has started, operated and managed both on-site and remote phone base coaching and consulting operations and oversees the development and management of our Concierges and Completion Specialists.

Craig Schlosser

Vendor & Organization Relations
Craig is a non-profit executive and entrepreneur who is skilled in strategic partnerships, business & economic development. He is actively involved with numerous chambers of commerce, talent networks, SBDCs, and economic development organizations. Craig has received several awards for his professional success and community endeavors. With Fundability, Craig is managing our vendor relations, community organizations outreach, and strategic event planning.

Ryan Pierce

Data, Content, & Partner Setup
Ryan is a graduate of the University of Oregon. He started his education in graphic arts and finished with a business degree. Ryan oversees our offshore data research projects as well as the creation and maintenance of the system data and tracking. Ryan heads up our creative team for the production of graphic materials, videos, and voice overs. He is also responsible for the on-boarding of new co-brand partners and coordinating their initial system setups.

Ed Wienecke

Joint Venture - Funding Programs
Ed is the President of Finance Factory which works with Fundability to offer a diverse lineup of financing options that create funding solutions for any kind of business, startup or franchise. Ed oversees the Fundability joint venture to provide financing solutions in the $250,000 an under range where automation is used in combination with limited transaction packaging making the funding approvals fast and access to capital times short.

Karen Tipton

Joint Venture - Business Brokers
Karen Tipton is the founder of Sunbelt Business Group of Tulsa. She has over 20 years M & A experience with an emphasis in financial analysis and management, deal structure, creative problem solving and due diligence preparation. For Fundability Karen is heading up our Business Brokerage support and service operations using her extensive experience in that niche to help all our Business Brokerage Partners to succeed.

Jiten Krishman

Offshore Data Research Team
For many years now Jiten and his team of data researchers have been part of the Fundability team. When you are managing the underwriting guidelines of over 4,000 lenders and the net 30, 60, 90 day terms for over 3,000 vendors for every product and service imaginable there is a lot to keep updated. Jiten is also responsible for new data research such as; marketing databases of potential referral contributors, business broker partners, and more.

Market Area Reps

Driving Completed Assessments
In each target city market area there is at least one local market area Fundability Rep whose job is to produce at least 100 completed business success assessments per month per target city market area. To accomplish this, Area Reps are given support to produce webinars, seminars, local events, do local directory rankings, create local social media presences, host meetup groups, use local community outreach, and recruit large numbers of local referral contributors.

Welcome Concierges

Initial Contact With Users
We have a dedicated team whose job is to connect with business owners as quickly as possible after they complete a business success assessment. Our "Concierges" welcome the business owners into the system, give a brief explanation of how the system works, direct them to the four minute system tutorial video, and if they pre-qualify for financing encourage them to "submit" for at least one funding program that will then connect them with a funding advisor. 

Funding Advisors

Connecting With The Pre-Qualified
When a business owner completes a business success assessment we use direct calls from our Concierge Team and auto-response email campaigns to encourage those that are pre-qualified to connect with a Funding Advisor. These Advisors are there to go over in detail all the funding program options available to the business owner and to gain their permission to complete a personal soft credit pull so that an automated and detailed Funding Range Report can be completed.

Completion Specialists

Helping Complete 12 Key Elements
Businesses funded $50,000 or more are placed into our "Completion & Optimization" service and assigned to a "Specialist" who is tasked with completing as many of the 12 key success elements for their clients as they can and encouraging their clients to complete tasks. When the 12 key success elements are completed, Specialists work on optimizing each element to gain 50% credit increases at 6 and 12 months and maximizing the Owner's Discretionary Earnings to increase their business valuations.