501C3 Non-Profit Economic Empowerment Partnership

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“Your Success & Impact, Quantifiable and Actionable”
1. The 12 Key Success Element Scan & System
OwnersPath.com offers businesses the opportunity to get on “The Path To Success” by utilizing our free 12 key success element business scan and system. The system features quantifiable scan results which then have actionable completion and optimize instructions.

2. Our Donation
We donate our system to qualifying 501C3 non-profits that have a mission to promote economic and or business development within their communities with a focus on those organizations who create opportunities for businesses and employment growth. We go further than simply donating our software, we assist each non-profit to optimize how they engage small business owners who fit their mission.

3. Your Mission
What is your non-profit’s mission? In order for our donation program to be a success, the mission of the nonprofit must be clearly defined, understood, and be a good fit for our key success element scan and system.

4. Available Google Donation
Is your non-profit approved for the Google Adwords donation? If not, we will walk you through that approval and use process. We will help by creating landing pages and targeted videos to maximize visitor engagements.

5. Targeted Keyword Phrases
What keyword phrases best support your mission? It is about generating highly targeted traffic that aligns with your mission. We research those keywords phrases most used by those best fitting your mission target market.

6. Visitors Data Collection
The goal is maximum data collection on as many visitors as possible. The key success element scan collects over 100 data points on each business visitor to establish a baseline of where that business is today and how best to help them going forward.

7. Call To Action Conversions
Using the attraction of the 12 key success element scan and system, the goal is to create very attractive calls to action and maximize the visitor to scan conversions which then provide over 100 demographic data points on each visitor who completes the easy and free scan process.

8. Business Success Scan
The OwnersPath system provides your non-profit with the ability to give away the 12 key success element scan and system to thousands of businesses within your community, collect over 100 data points per business, and provide those businesses with an excellent educational system for promoting their near and long term success.

9. Focused Data Access
Your non-profit will have complete access to the over 100 data points collected on each business that completes the success scan. This provides your organization with a benchmark of where each business is now and allows you to focus on those businesses that best fit the mission of your non-profit’s service offerings.

10. Measured Progress Tracking
By providing step-by-step instructions to each business on how to complete and optimize all quantifiable 12 key success elements, the system then tracks their progress on completing each element. Over the next 180 days it sends them targeted reminders of the elements still needing their attention, completion, or optimization.